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Endgame Announcement

Congratulations Champions, and welcome to the official endgame for Round 1 of Airlocked! We have a few announcements for you with regard to how things are going to play out over the next week.

First of all, we're officially moving to a 2:1 OOC:IC day schedule for endgame, including the weekly log. This means that this week's weekly log will only have Monday and Tuesday, and that ICly the final investigation itself will be on Wednesday. OOCly, players and characters will have Monday-Thursday to tag the weekly log, and as usual the final investigation will go up on Friday.

There will be no AC post this week, due to the isolated nature of the lockdown motive last week. However, the final investigation will require 100% participation in order to pass the activity/OOC portion of the final investigation.

Secondly, please remember that this is simply the first chapter of a five-part story. As such, not all the questions that you have can or will be answered yet. The final investigation, in fact, will be to do with questions that haven't really been asked yet at all! While the final investigation will be fairly standard, the final trial won't be a literal mastermind trial but rather a "trial" in the sense of a "test."

Despite that, we hope that we can give you a satisfactory ending to this chapter, and one that we hope will get you excited to bring back your survivors for Round 5, as well.

Also, as a reminder, the dead from this round will stay dead until round 5, where the survivors will be participating for all the marbles, so to speak.

We want to give a huge THANK YOU! To all of you, for making this round such a delight to moderate, and for pulling up your protagonist pants and pulling off a miracle.

We (Lynny and Ri) would also like to thank Lu for running deadland and for being a huge huge huge help with all the behind the scenes stuff (as well as painful Softer World edits). This game wouldn't be nearly what it has been without her. All hail the skeleton queen!

As a final reminder, the last day for benefactor regains is Monday, 3/27. All items obtained will not be available immediately on Wednesday morning, however, we the mods will make note of when and where they will appear.

If you have any questions, comment below. Otherwise, we do ask that all 7 survivors leave a comment acknowledging that they have read this post.
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Yo homeskillets. All read
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We love you! I've read it all -- thank you very much!
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I have been notified of this post, yep!
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extra extra (i've) read all about it
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I'm tired and can't think of anything clever, but read!
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I've read this.