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Ground Control to Major Trial

With the overwhelming success of the test drive meme and the start of a brand new year, we the mods have set an official date for Airlocked's first Mock Trial! The investigation and trial itself will be Friday and Saturday, January 13-14, and reserves will be open on Friday, January 6.

What is a Mock Trial?

A Mock Trial is a murdergame-specific kind of test drive meme! It's a way to give newbies a better sense of the weekend commitment required by a murdergame so that they can decide if it's the right fit for them. Effectively, it's exactly the same as an investigation and trial in any regular round - the players plot the case ahead of time and then on the weekend of the investigation, a body is discovered and the rest of the cast has to figure out what happened.

Do I need to apply to be in the mock trial?

No, but you do need to reserve. In effect, this is just to lock you into a character and help commit to a more authentic murdergame-style overarching narrative. Once the mods have replied to your comment with your Champion title, you cannot switch your reserve.

Will there be an IC mingle?

Yes there will! It will go up once reserves are filled or at the latest on the evening of Monday the 9th (evening, EST, when Mod Ri gets home from work).

I've played in a murdergame before, can I still do the mock trial?

We know you want to scratch the itch, and we fully encourage that. But we ask that you be respectful of the newbies, and while we're open to allowing a mix of veterans and new players to join in the mock trial, we want to prioritize getting experience for new players to decide whether the format is one they want to commit to.

Does this count as a reserve for round 1?

No, it does not. Nor will any priority be given insofar as participation in the mock trial is concerned.

Can I use threads from the mock trial for samples on my app?

Yes. Like the test drive meme, if you app the same character to the main round that you played in the Mock Trial you can use your threads as samples provided that they are long enough to accurately demonstrate your character's voice and your grasp thereof.

I have other questions!

Hit us up down below! If your question is about the appability of a specific character or about what title a certain character could have, please refer to the FAQ and the Application page, and contact us privately if your question isn't answered there.